Youth fund 2013 open for applications

24 September 2012

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The Ministry of Youth Development is now accepting 2013 applications for its Youth Fund. It is seeking applications from young people.

The Ministry has regional panels of young people (called the Youth Funding Panel) who will assess applications and make recommendations on which projects should and should not be funded, it’s called a ‘Youth Fund’ for a reason.

If you are a young person, a group of young people, or an organisation that works in partnership with young people and you have a great project idea that young people will benefit from, then have a look at the attached application form. There is no harm in just looking, you never know your project might just be perfect for this.

What Youth Fund 2013 is for: Youth Fund 2013 is for:Community projects designed and led by young people (aged 12 – 24) years old that develop Active Youth Citizenship


Community projects designed and led by youth organisations in partnership with young people that develop Active Youth Citizenship

Youth Fund 2013 criteria: Projects need to:

  • develop young people’s skills and knowledge in decision-making and leadership
  • involve young people in decision-making and leadership
  • respond to a need in the community identified by young people
  • support young people to be engaged in and contribute to their community
  • benefit young people aged 12 to 24 years old
  • be completed by 30 June 2013.
Who can apply?
  • individuals or groups of young people aged 12 to 24 years old who have the support of a legal entity, for example a school or youth organization, who will hold the fund in their bank account
  • organisations working in partnership with young people
  • all young people directly involved in the completion of this application need to be current Aotearoa Youth Voices members.

Note: Organisations supporting young people or applying for funding need to be a legal entity, e.g. an incorporated society or charitable trust (and registered with the Companies Office).

How much is available? The funding available for each project will be between $2,000 and $7,000 (excluding GST)
What we cannot fund:
  • overseas and domestic travel
  • projects that have already been completed
  • an individual
  • young people without the support of a legal entity
  • contribution to current on-going costs i.e. rent or salaries
How the funding decisions are made? Funding applications will be read and assessed by a Youth Funding Panel. Youth Funding Panels are young people trained in funding decision-making and supported by the Ministry of Youth Development.If your application meets the criteria for the Fund and the panel requires more information regarding your application, a panel member may contact you.

Youth Funding Panels will make funding recommendations to the Ministry of Youth Development for approval.

Reporting requirements: If your application is successful in receiving funding you will need to:

  • survey all young people (aged 12 to 24 years) who benefitted from the project (i.e. as participants, organisers or both)
  • input the survey results into to a final electronic report in Excel
  • at the conclusion of your project, submit the final electronic report in Excel.

The survey and final electronic report will be supplied by the Ministry. The final electronic report in Excel will include, but is not limited to:

  • the number of young people participating in decision-making and leadership roles
  • the number of young people supported to be connected and contributing to their wider community
  • the number of young people involved in/directly benefiting from the project
  • a list of any equipment purchased with project funds

a breakdown of how project funds were spent.

If you have any questions: If you have any questions please contact Greg Jones on 04 916 3830.
How to apply? To apply for the fund please read the applicant information, complete the funding application form and email it It is preferred that applications are completed and returned electronically.
Closing date: Applications close 4pm on 12 October 2012. Please note that late applications will not be accepted.
Application information and form: Youth Fund 2013 Application InformationYouth Fund 2013 Application Form